Journey In Style & Convenience with Your Dog


We often feel bound to home by our pets, because it seems like a daunting task to find someone to feed and walk them while we’re gone, or to secure adequate lodging for them. But with the right gear, you can easily take your pooch along on your journey, and make it a more enjoyable experience for both of you! In Style Pet Boutique has all the equipment you will need to make your travels hassle-free and fun for you and your dog!


Traveling with smaller animals is undeniably easier because they can be carried whenever necessary. We have an extensive collection of carriers and bags for smaller-size pets, from the sturdy and spacious Kelle Bag, to the fabulous Metro Bag, which no one will believe is a pet carrier, until they see your pooch’s head poke out! Carriers are incredibly convenient transportation options even if you are only running errands or making a quick trip to the library. Sometimes your little canine companion’s legs just can’t keep up, and being able to carry them comfortably under your arm can make your life much easier.


This is not to say that larger dogs shouldn’t be able to enjoy a vacation once in a while, too! While you probably can’t pop your St. Bernard into an over-the-shoulder bag, you can make his or her life easier by providing ramps for large jumps in and out of cars and high beds. These are especially important for older animals, whose joints and bones are frailer.


If you’re covering long distances or have an older pet, a stroller is a perfect way to reduce the strain on your furry friend while still allowing them to enjoy the sights with you. Our strollers are suited for pets up to 50 to 75 pounds, and have mesh netting to allow them to easily see out. Ideal for exploring cities and museums, strollers make for a happy, stress-free pet.


Don’t turn down the idea of traveling with a pet! Those trips can be the most rewarding for both you and your pooch, and with the right gear, you can eliminate any obstacles that might stand in your way of an amazing holiday.