Tips For Bringing a New Pet Home

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What You Need to Know & Do Before Bringing Your New Pet Home


There may be no moment more thrilling than the day you bring home your new pet. The kids are delighted, you’re warm-hearted, and the pup, kitty, or other animal is intrigued by its new surroundings. To ensure the transition to your new home goes smoothly, you will have to take a few preparational steps and measures. For many animals, moving to a new home is a stressful and anxiety-provoking experience. Especially if you get your pet from a shelter, they may have experienced previous trauma that might make them prone to bad reactions. By following the below guide to pet acclimation from In Style Pet Boutique, you’ll set your pet and family off on a good start, and pave the way for many years of happy and fulfilling pet ownership!






Before the Day


Take the time to set up your home before your new pet arrives, to ensure a smooth first day. According to Petfinder, you’ll need to decide which room your pet will spend their time in; it’s best to introduce your new pet to only one room at first, so they don’t get lost and frightened. Prepare that first room for your new arrival by removing or securing any loose cords that can be gnawed on. It is also a good idea to temporarily take out any rugs so if there are accidents—which may very well occur during their first few days with you—they will not ruin your rugs. Check that all doors to the room close fully, so your pooch or kitty can’t wander off into uncharted territory.


You will also want to have all the must-have pet supplies that are essential for dogs and cats to give them a warm welcome! Here’s a quick checklist to make shopping simple:


  • Food & Treats

  • Bowls

  • Blanket

  • Bed

  • Toys

  • Crate & Safety Gate

  • Collar & Leash

  • Potty Training Essentials





On the Day


The day is here, and you’re all ready to welcome your new furry friend to your home! Spirits will be high, and your kids will probably be jumping off the walls in excitement. But according to Vetstreet, it’s important to keep relatively calm during those first 24 hours (a tall order, we know), lest your cat or dog become overwhelmed and anxious. Tell your kids to cool it, and just focus on being there with the animal, as they explore and discover their new surroundings. Don’t switch up their food, either; try to stick with what they’ve been eating prior to their arrival at your home. Plus, you can provide them with a few simple toys, like the Outward Hound Hedgehog Jumbo for dogs, or the Calzone Cat Toy for cats, which will be stimulating but not overwhelming for them.   


Your dog’s first day in your home will likely be exhausting. Make sure you have a bed waiting for them when they arrive so that they have a place to retire to when things become too overwhelming. The Donut Bed Venus Micro Jacquard is a sleek option that comes in many sizes and will fit nicely in any room in your house.


If you’re bringing home a feline friend, you’ll want to secure them an even more private escape; The Banana Cabana gives your cat a dark, comfortable space to which to retreat. There will be plenty of excitement on the first day and very little time to make ad-hoc arrangements. So make sure you are well prepared before your pet sets their paws in your home!






If You Have Young Children


When you welcome a new pet into a home with young children, it is important to remember you have to have patience when teaching each one your rules about their interaction with each other. According to ASPCA, it’s important to acclimate your puppy or kitten to potentially rough handling by a young child who is still in the exploratory phase of their development. Reward them when they behave well with your child by giving them a delicious treat, like Alaskan Salmon or Pork Chews. The good news is, if your pet is new to your home, your toddler or infant will just be part of the new surrounding, and they will able to get used to the sounds, touch, and smells of your youngster just as they will get used to the new digs. In no time they will acclimate to one another and become lifelong friends!






If You Have Other Pets



This is a slightly more complicated scenario, as new pets may feel in competition with existing pets, in a way they will not with young children. New dogs must be introduced to each other gradually, preferably in a neutral setting, like a park, according to Pay close attention to their behavior: curled lips and exposed teeth is a bad sign, and you should separate the dogs and try again when they have calmed. Once you feel confident that they can be brought into your home, continue to keep them in separate rooms.


Another important step you need to take once the two dogs are home together, you must feed them at separate times and in separate locations. This will help to avoid competitiveness over food. Buy separate feeding bowls, like this charming Houndstooth Bowl and Jar along with this Nautical Bowl and Jar set, so you can differentiate between the two and know which belongs to which dog.


Cats must be treated with even greater delicacy. Before introducing your two cats, Petfinder says you should allow them to acclimate to each others’ smells by feeding them in the same space at different times. This way, they will associate each others’ scents with a positive experience. The Leopard Ceramic Bowl is a great set for both of your felines!


It is also a good idea to keep your cats in separate rooms for a few days, and then switch rooms, so they develop a greater familiarity with the other’s scents. For the first few weeks, monitor your cats’ behaviors closely. Within a few weeks, they’ll be lazing on your sofa together!

With a little planning, a lot of patience, and these tips from In Style Pet Boutique we are sure you can make your pet’s introduction to your home a relaxed and enjoyable experience for all involved! Be prepared and get the supplies you need to be ready for your new "fur-ever" friend...



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