Obedience Training For Dogs

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Obedience Training for Dogs - What You Need to Know to Get Started!


At In Style Pet Boutique, we know the day you bring your new puppy home might be the most exciting day of the year. The little pup is curious, adorable, and absolutely, one-hundred-percent perfect!


Then comes day two...this is when you realize very quickly that while your dog is still curious and adorable, it definitely is not one-hundred-perfect perfect. For one thing, it can’t speak your language, can’t use the toilet, and can’t tell the difference between an expensive designer shoe and a cheap, dispensable chew toy created solely for their amusement. This is the time you decide it’s time for proper training.


There is plenty of literature available on how to train your pooch, so you can be as thorough as you could possibly want. We have distilled all the advice into a few simple steps and tips you can easily follow as you begin the training process.




Know Your Approach


Before you start training your dog, you need to be sure you follow a consistent training approach. Training can be a lengthy, sometimes a frustrating affair for both you and your dog. Make it easy on both of you by, at the very least, being logical. The most common training approach is a behavior-reward model. According to Pets WebMD, there are other approaches you can take, but rewarding good behavior tends to be the most enjoyable, anxiety-free one for both you and your dog. If you take this approach, then the flip-side of the reward coin is that you need to withhold reward for behaviors you don’t like. The consequences of their behaviors must be immediate and consistent, to help your dog in establishing the proper connections between good behavior and treats, and bad behavior and no treats. Sounds simple enough, right? Of course, it isn’t that simple in practice; we’re all fallible creatures and our environment isn’t completely controlled.


Where In Style Pet Boutique can help limit the room for error, is in keeping you well-stocked with treats, so good behaviors can indeed be rewarded immediately. The Honest Kitchen Dog Cuddles Grain Free Training Treats are a healthy, portable option, and the Primal Beef Liver Munchies Freeze-Dried Dog Treats are earth-conscious and definitely tasty. These are about great options for implementing the behavior-reward model with your pooch.





Have The Right Attitude


Once you know how to proceed with your training, check yourself in the mirror. Do you look fatigued? Stressed? Contemplative? Not perfect but pleasantly contented? All this will come through in training. According to CIA.gov, your dog will feel exactly what you feel when you’re training them, so it’s important to come in with a positive, open attitude. Leave whatever existential crisis you’re going through right now at the door, and be there for your dog. Part of this includes being exceedingly patient. According to Task and Purpose.com every dog learns at their own pace and that the best thing a new owner can do is to adjust training to match their speed of learning. Your dog’s main goal is to please you, to earn your affection and love. So no matter how long it takes, remember that they are striving to meet your expectations!


Finally, while training can seem like a chore, and an additional item on your daily to-do list, know that it doesn’t have to be. In fact, CIA.gov’s top tip is to make the experience fun! Create a situation where your dog will perform the desired behavior of their own volition, not because you force them to do it. When you first begin the session, let your dog roam and play for a while, says Task and Purpose.com. Involve a fun toy to use as a reward: the Outward Hound Invincible Floppiez Donkey Medium is a great outdoor toy to toss around, as is the Archie Ball. Be sure to keep your sessions short, and always end them on a positive note, says Pets.WebMD. Don’t extend your training sessions past 15 minutes, because your pooch will grow bored and irritated. It is important to go slow: just like us, dogs become overwhelmed by too many new pieces of learning. Allow them to bask in the glow of accomplishment; in the long-term, you and they both will be happier!




Teach The Basic Commands


Command number one: jumping through hoops. Just kidding! You’ll want to teach your pooch the basics that will make your lives easier on a daily basis. The Spruce Pets has a terrific list of essential pet commands which lay the foundation for years of rewarding pet ownership. They include these ten basic training commands to teach your pooch:


  1. Look

  2. Emergency Recall

  3. Come

  4. With Me

  5. Leave It

  6. Drop It

  7. Sit

  8. Lie Down

  9. Stay

  10. Wait


Teaching your dog these basic commands will help in certain situations at home or while out and about. For instance, you can ensure your pet will sit still for an ear cleaning with Earthbath Ear Wipes, or a bath with Earthbath Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo. The key again is to reward good behavior and make the learning experience enjoyable for your dog, even if the ultimate consequence of learning the command is just superior hygiene.


If you are training your dog for tactical training versus the regular day-to-day activities, you will need to invest in some heavy-duty protective gear. In our training collection, we offer a wide range of bite sleeves, suits, and tugs and pillows. Browse the various products to find exactly the tools you need; it is critical to be properly protected when working with dogs in this capacity.




Don’t buy into the idea that training need be arduous, time-consuming and dull. It doesn’t have to be, in fact, it shouldn’t be! At In Style Pet Boutique, we believe training is far more successful when both you and your dog are having fun and experiencing a sense of accomplishment!

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