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Tactical Training Gear for Dogs


At In Style Pet Boutique, we share your goals in tactical dog training. Our hand-picked products are tailored for longevity, safety, and effectiveness.


If just starting out with tactical training, your puppy will benefit from bite pillows. These are fantastic tools for strengthening your dog’s bite, and keeping your arms away from those puppy-sharp teeth! We offer bite rags, tugs, and larger pillows, depending on the size and strength of your little trainee.


When it comes to bite sleeves, we understand the need for a great product. You’ll find that we offer a wide selection of products for all ages of dog, from puppy to adult, and all the needs of trainers. Our offering of bite sleeves offers the best quality materials too. French linen and jute are industry-standard materials known for strength and durability.


If you’re looking for more coverage, browse our training bite suits and scratch suits. You’ll find not only full body suits, but pants, jackets, vests, and even palm protectors here. It’s important to stay safe while training any dog, so we’ve got you covered!


Since training is such an important aspect of dog ownership, we’ve stocked some popular dog training accessories, too. Whether you’re training for tactical purposes, or for agility, we have a great selection of gear perfect for your pup.

Regardless of intensity, most dog owners find that the use of a clicker or whistle is extremely helpful in taming those furry friends.


Don’t think we’ve forgotten those cat people either. One of the biggest issues with cats is how they love to sharpen their claws on furniture, which can be so frustrating! We’ve got the solution for you - Sticky Paws to the rescue!


We appreciate you trusting us here at In Style Pet Boutique for your dog and cat training needs. If you can’t find just what you’re looking for, please take a moment to let us know! We have access to thousands of products, and we’d be happy to find what you need.