For Small Animals

The Best Care for Small Pets


We certainly love our little pets here at In Style Pet Boutique, and we understand that they require special diets, habitats, and accessories. We’re pleased to be your source for small animal needs.


If you’re a bird lover and owner, you’ll appreciate the selection of accessories we offer for those feathered friends. Take a moment to browse our full line of bird cages. If you’re looking for uniquely shaped cages or cages with play areas, you’ll be excited to see our product line for bird enclosures. Whether you need a small space for a budgie or a large Macaw cage, you’ll find the perfect fit for your pet and family.


It’s hard to say why birds love to swing, but we can only imagine that they love feeling the wind on their feathers! Because we know what birds adore, we’re excited to bring you high-quality, durable Booda swings and perches. A busy bird truly is a happy bird!


If your pets are in need of an aquarium or terrarium, be sure to take a look at our selection of tank habitats for crabs, lizards, fish and more! We have some amazing kits for kids to help them learn the ropes in caring for their new pet. These kits make fabulous gifts, too!


Did you know that fish tanks have health benefits for people, too? According to Entirely Pets, enjoying an aquarium can, among other things,  lower stress, improve blood pressure, improve sleep. If you don’t have a fish tank yet, why not start?


When it comes to fish and other swimmers, keeping the tank clean and free of debris is so important. It helps them stay healthy, and unclean water can easily become harmful to your new friends. For this reason, we’ve added some fantastic, full-featured fish tank filters and accessories. Whether small or large, we have the fish tank filter you need for some very happy fish!


Another necessity for thriving fish friends is a good air pump for their tank. Adding air bubbles to the tank helps them breathe by providing fresh oxygen to their water. Fish of any size benefit from an air pump, and we’ve got them stocked and ready for you!

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