For Cats

For the Contentment of Cats


Cats can certainly hold a special place in our hearts and our homes, so here at In Style Pet Boutique, we feel it’s so important to keep them happy and healthy at all times.


Kitties love having their own private areas to hide and nap, and our kitty bed boutique brings you a great selection of cubbies, beds, and baskets committed to your cats comfort and privacy, and they’re all oh-so-stylish, too!


When your kitty isn’t resting easy in her cozy bed, she may be on the prowl for a perfect place to scratch. Save your furniture by investing in a quality scratching post, cat tree, or condo to keep your crazy cat content.


Let’s not forget about his need to run, play, and hunt! Keep your kitty occupied indoors with one of our amazingly engaging cat toys. We have the action your cat desires, whether he loves chasing balls, swatting springy toys, or indulging in catnip-stuffed goodies, we have what cats love.


Just like our name says, we’re totally into style, especially when it comes to cats! For your home, be sure to browse our line of fashionable cat bowls and treat jars. We have a selection of popular patterns and easy-to-clean ceramic.


For your cat’s style needs, don’t go with boring black! You’ll adore our patterned collars and leashes. Polka-dots-flowers, bow-ties, you’ll have so much fun browsing our accessories for cats!


Check out our cat habitats for those times when you need to keep kitty contained. They’ll appreciate the built-in perches and the full visibility these safety cat crates bring.


And most importantly, your cat’s health, inside and out, is a top priority. We offer clay-litter alternatives and quality litter boxes and accessories to keep potty-problems at bay. Paired with the best grooming supplies, and healthy treats, your furry friend will be the envy of kitties everywhere!

Thank you for trusting In Style Pet Boutique with your cat’s needs. Check back often for the latest and greatest in feline products!