Bowls & Treat Jars

Bowls & Treat Jars

Stylish Wares for Your Pet’s Food


You love your pet, so you love being able to reward them when they behave well. Rewarding your pet regularly for jobs well done—practicing patience, excelling at house-training, and learning new tricks, for instance—will also ensure they have the incentive to keep improving. To make sure your pet keeps up the good work, In Style Pet Boutique has a wide selection of bowls, jars, and portable containers, so you will always have a tasty treat on hand when your pooch or kitty is acting like an angel!


And our jars and bowls aren’t just for the sole benefit of your pets; we carry only the most attractive, appealing, “where did you get that from?!”-provoking jars and bowls. Items which will actually add to the décor of your kitchen, rather than sitting as an eyesore on top of your counter, or tucked away behind the flour and sugar jars. Take a look at our Nautical Bowls and Treat Jar collection, or our Mexican Ceramic Dog Bowls and Treat Jars, in a beautiful deep blue traditional Mexican design. You’ll wish you could buy all your dishes in these gorgeous styles!


Of course, without treats inside, any jar is nothing more than a decorative object. You’ll want to stock up on plenty of tasty treats for your furry friend. We carry an extensive selection of treats for both cats and dogs. Make sure you’re switching up your treat selections, so your pet won’t get bored of the same old snack!


If you’re on the go or are traveling, you won’t want to be without a good travel food bag to keep your pet—and yourself!—content and energized. Our attractive collection of water-resistant bowls and bags are durable and can easily be folded up and stowed in your luggage. We even have a portable water bowl, which you can post up for your thirsty pooch.


Don’t settle for the standard steel or plastic bowls and snack jars. In Style Pet Boutique makes it possible for your pet accoutrement to be an attractive addition to your house. Browse our selection today!


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