Welcome to In Style Pet Boutique!

Pets truly are family, and we’re committed to helping your family members be as healthy, happy, and comfortable as can be. Here at In Style Pet Boutique, we know that it’s not just about dogs and cats. As much as we love those furry critters, we recognize that your heart may belong to the bubbly-eyed goldfish in the next room or the chatty bird on your shoulder!

Every Day is Dog Day!

Some of our favorite four-legged friends are our dogs. Because we know how important these four-legged friends are to you, we’ve hand-selected tons of quality dog products that we think you’ll love!

Keep your canine cozy with soft blankets and comfortable beds. Whether you have a large breed or a lap dog, we have the sleeping stuff to suit. Looking for added warmth? Browse our adorable clothing for dogs. Dresses, sweaters and more!

For pet-owners on the go, we’ve stocked a super selection of dog travel gear. Big or small, you’ll find the perfect gear for your pup to keep your time on the road as enjoyable for them as it is for you.

If your dog requires a little extra helping learning where she may roam, you may appreciate our line of dog safety gates. Be sure to reward her with her favorite treats and toys as she learns the ropes!

There are also some essentials for all dog owners, like leashes and collars, grooming supplies. And because we’re all about style, be sure to shop our collection of designer dog bowls and treat jars. You’re about to have one happy puppy!

Keep that Kitten Cozy

There’s nothing as fun as a sassy cat in the house, and we’re ready to get you stocked up on all the best cat goodies! If you’re looking for the basics, like collars, pens or litter, we’ve selected a unique line-up of products you’re sure to love.

Everyone knows cats love their own private spaces and places. For this reason, we’ve added some unique cat beds and cubbies. Also, save your furniture by adding a quality cat scratcher or tree to several rooms in the house.  Between these cat furniture items, and engaging cat toys, you’re sure to keep your kitty super busy.

While you’re browsing, grab a little something for your own style. Classy cat bowls and treat jars come in so many styles, you’re sure to find one perfect for your home and pet. We’re excited to be your go-to store for kitty goods!

Training Essentials

There’s so much to be said for dog obedience. Whether you’re starting with simple commands, or working toward guard-dog goals, your dog will benefit from quality training. As a trainer, you’ll take pride in using best training tools in the industry. Be sure to protect yourself during the learning process with the best in bite suits, bite sleeves, and protective covers.

We also carry a selection of durable bite builders and pillows to strengthen your dog’s grip without the need for a full sleeve. Additionally, be sure to browse our training accessories to be sure you’re in good form for your first session. From halters to agility training supplies, In Style Pet Boutique is happy to be your dog training source.

Service Pet Central

The use of service pets is so important for those who require them. We’re happy to provide a small selection of harnesses, including standard, guide, and no pull. We also have some great patches you can add on. Perhaps you’d like your dog to have the standard “Service Dog” patch, or have a little fun with “The Dogfather.”

Birds, and Fish, and Rodents...Oh My!

Yes, we do adore our smaller friends! Wings, feathers or fuzzy tails, our small animals have a big place in our hearts. Maybe you have an established pet setup and just want to add a  few accessories, or perhaps you’re starting with the basics. We’re here to provide you with the small animal supplies you’ll need for a happy, healthy pet.

Take Some time to browse our cages and tank habitats for your little friend. We have so many sizes to choose from, and even some fun kits for children. We also offer tank pumps and filters to help you provide them with the cleanest home possible.

Thank You!

In addition to being devoted companions, pets have so many health benefits for us as humans, both physical and mental. They give us unconditional love, which in turn makes us happier, healthier people. What’s not to love? Please check back with us often, and take a moment to join our mailing list for great deals right to your inbox.

Thank you for visiting us here at In Style Pet Boutique where pets mean the world to us. We look forward to serving you, and your pets, for years to come!